RCD Installation – Safety Enhancement Installations

The installation of a RCD (residual current device) may be necessary because, in addition to the use of protective earth, it performs life-saving functions as an additional safety device. In terms of operation, the device compares the input and output branches of the current flowing in the system. If the result does not match, it eliminates the current path in the line, in other words, the RCD strikes. The RCD can be installed throughout the building (one device) or separately between the levels of the building (several devices). Illustrated below with picture, I present a safety enhancement system conversion on an existing power grid, which is accomplished by installing and replacing the following devices:

-circuit breakers
-RCD (residual current device)
-outdoor IP44 socket
-safety socket protectors

Fi relay installation and other safety gadgets.

Installing RCD

The image above shows the parts used for the security upgrade. With the safety renovation, including the installation of RCD, we want to avoid personal injuries caused by electricity while protecting the property and the wiring system.

Fuse board installation.

The installation process begins with the removal of the circuit breakers from the previous fuse board. That is, of course, preceded by a power failure and a check on its condition. The first step in the reconstruction of the emptied fuse board is the placement of the RCD. On which the installation of the circuit breakers can be started after the passage of the corresponding wires. Once placed on the rail, the circuit breaker is connected to the comb rail and the output phases of the circuits are connected. I wanted to illustrate this process with the illustration in the image above.

Circuit breakers go in to the fuse board nice and easy.

Socket protection

Next, a safety-enhancing installation, the installation of a safety socket protector, which can be carried out without a specialist, follows. Insert the socket protector into the housing of the already installed socket with the movement shown in the figure below. It is important to emphasize that when a child arrives, you should not regret taking the time to implement plug protection for our entire property.

Implementing socket protectors.

IP44 socket

Outside, you can also find sockets with low humidity protection in older buildings. The third step in our safety investment is to replace these types of outdoor sockets with an insulated IP44 type with a cover. I illustrate the installation of this with the picture below.

Installing IP44 water resistant socket.

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