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Barkács Ember is a precise, accurate, reliable
handyman in your Home and your Business

Barkács Ember is available to clients from the smallest tasks, such as placing pictures on the wall to more complex challenges, as a room changing plan.

Tamás Nagy


Since I was a child, I have loved challenges that required deepening and that had tangible results. It gives me a sense of success to think about using a product that I am happy with and that is good for my environment by thinking about using more efficient solutions to do the job. I love being satisfied with whose work I do and being able to bring joy to my job, possibly taking the burden off the shoulders of others. The direction to be followed as a service company for me is to focus on the word “service”, according to which the relationship between my clients and me is realized through the professional solution of the needs that arise. I am demanding of myself, my work and my environment. I love new solutions and challenges.