Wall painting and related works:
-dispersion painting
-painting on other surfaces
-wall repair
-surface preparation
-oil coating


Wall Painting

Wall painting is usually carried out every 5 years in the area of ​​our apartment or house. In this case, the handyman removes the housing elements that you want to protect during painting and that can cause confusion in the work. It takes care of the coverings of the room, which are covered with ladder paint paper or painter nylon. Wall dyeing, even if not an expanding intervention, can result in dust and paint odor. For this reason, it is recommended to separate the area affected by the renovation painting from the rest of the apartment. In this case, it is possible to professionally repair cracks in the wall, which should be repaired with netting. It is also possible to repair stains caused by soaking before staining. A prerequisite for this is the professional repair of the soaking defect and the completely dry masonry.

Various putty materials are used in repair work prior to wall painting. Plaster material and possible drywall replacement may be required to correct major defects. Soaking stains on soaked surfaces typically penetrate the painted surface, even after complete drying has been ensured. In this case, a pre-treatment primer is applied.

Painting wall in different colors,

Upon completion of the preparatory work, it is necessary to dust the wall before starting the cleanliness painting. Until then, we also have the option to finalize the color and type of paint used. It is recommended to start with the lighter shade in terms of choosing a darker shade. However, there are paints that have good opacity and when painted with multiple coats, a light color can be applied to a darker previous coat. Several companies are engaged in the production of premixed colors, such as the color scheme of Poly-Farbe Platinium. These are excellent for color consistency and a designable end result.

After cleaning, there is nothing left but to enjoy the end result.

Glaze and enamel painting

In addition to wall painting, the renovation of wooden doors and windows, cornices and railings also occurs in households. Here, too, pre-painting surface preparation is essential. The handyman then removes the loose, corroded parts using a paint scraper, heat gun, belt or vibratory sander. Paint can be started on a clean and dust-free surface after applying the appropriate pesticides, impregnating and paint restorers.

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