Laying and laminate flooring

Laying and laminate flooring:
-coating of small surfaces tile
-tile gluing and repair
-laminate flooring
-Border fastening


Laying tile

For a handyman, cladding is a surface-making activity that can provide a durable and aesthetic surface for typically wet and heavier rooms. The cladding of the rooms begins with the design. Here you decide what floor tiles and tiles will be used, their spatial location, and the distance and color of the joints.

Like any construction activity, tile laying begins with preparation. The previous tile is removed, the unevenness of the work surface is corrected, the loose parts are broken with a chisel and repaired with the appropriate material. Before starting work, we start by planning construction. We plan to cover the area to give it aesthetically pleasing, tightening the diagonal if necessary. To lay the cover, we select the tile adhesive that suits the stress and the need for the application.

It is advisable to start laying the floor tile from the inside of the room to the outside and leave a space for a cladding rail at the entrance to the room. It is important to leave a expansion gap at the junction of the wall plane and the base. When tiling wet areas, apply a waterproofing layer before gluing. For the contact of surfaces, it is important to place a waterproofing tape that can adapt to the different movements of the surfaces.

Laying tile on the bathroom wall. Nice and white!

Repairing tile

By repairing tiles, we mean the replacement of damaged tiles and tiles. It is important to make a reserve of the purchased materials during the construction period. A spare tile can then be useful! During repair, carefully remove the damaged tile after removing the joint. After removing previous adhesive and loose surfaces, glue the sheet that fits into the gap. If you do not have the exact type and color of the joint, we will try to choose the right joint material through experience. If the match is perfect, the color of the old and new joints may be different. This can be eliminated by renovating the old part joint.

Laminate flooring

Between tiling activities, I report laying laminate flooring. Here it is important to use a perfectly horizontal surface, a good quality washer foam and a dillation gap. As laminate flooring is water sensitive and watertight, it is not recommended for use in rooms that get wet from below.

Laminate flooring and border screwing can be seen on the picture.

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