Furniture assembly

Furniture assembly:
-assembly of furniture
-disassembly of furniture
-fixing and installation of furniture
-basic carpentry work
-wood works,
-wood surface treatment


Furniture assembly

On this page I would like to introduce the activity of furniture assembly to the dear reader. The process, as always, begins with planning. In this case, the handyman expands the contents of the package and identifies each item and compares it with the assembly plan. Usually, furniture stores provide detailed descriptions of products, which helps even an inexperienced DIY to successfully assemble furniture. The most commonly used items during work are Allen and Phillips screws, furniture tightening screws, nails. The tools used are an Allen key, a screwdriver, a hammer, a multifunctional pliers or a cordless screwdriver with a replaceable head.

Furniture assembly could be a baby cot erection starting from the bits and pieces.

After assembling the furniture, we have to place the finished furniture or furniture in the space. If you are unsure about the contribution of furniture to the overall picture, we have the option to use an online design program in some stores. Fixing the assembled furniture is one of the most important tasks of a handyman. Some furniture is overturned and proper and secure fastening can protect the user from damage.

Disassembly of furniture

The opposite process of furniture erection is the professional disassembly of furniture that is already in use. In this case, the proper packaging of the fastening elements, which can be linked to the elements of the associated furniture, is a very important task. It is important for the specialist to focus not only on disassembly but also on the future assembly of the furniture. For more complex furniture, we can also make an assembly plan at the same time as disassembly.


Under the topic of furniture assembly, I mention the feasibility of basic carpentry industrial work and repairs. Based on a suitable design and selected material, I can implement custom furniture, even without screws. Planed wooden elements can be used to make stained, natural-colored lacquered seats and cornices.

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