Small repairs in Kitchen

Small kitchen repairs:
-silicone seal
-dishwasher connection
-assembly and fixing of panel-mounted kitchen furniture
-kitchen drain (siphon) replacement, repair
-faucet replacement
-tile covering repair, replacement
-kitchen lighting installation and repair
-placement of built-in kitchen utensils
-clogging on the sanitary side


Small repairs in Kitchen

There can be many problems in our kitchens that can be solved through small repairs. One such operation is the silicone seal along the worktop, around the sink, and elsewhere. It should also be emphasized that the kitchen faucet is under constant pressure, it is important to periodically replace the faucets and the flexible connection pipe connecting the faucets. By intervening, we can reduce the possibility of water damage to our property. In addition, you may need to replace or repair handles, tighten retract hinges, secure shelf racks, and perform other small repair tasks. In addition, the installation of cladding, wall tiles and wall cladding to protect against splashing water and oil may require more labor-intensive work.

With regard to kitchen furniture, it is also possible to assemble and install the kitchen furniture mounted on the hob, to fix and cut out the worktop, to install the sink tray and the hob. You can get more information about assembling furniture within the services.

Electricity work in Kitchen

The primary task in the kitchen may be to connect electrical appliances such as an oven and a hob. Alternatively, the replacement and repair of lighting fixtures, the installation of new kitchen lighting and the installation of LED counter lighting may be considered.

Clogging can usually be remedied in the initial stages of the drain system, so that the clogging of the sink can often be improved by disassembling the siphon and possibly pumping it industrially. In terms of operation, the industrial anti-clogging pump delivers high-pressure air to the drain system, which pushes the materials responsible for clogging further through the piping system.

Minor repair as clogging the kitchen sink.

On the other hand, in the case of old and poor quality binders, the process may cause damage to the sink siphon. It is worth noting that there is an additional charge for this type of congestion removal. This you can find out about in the other charges section of the detailed pricing.

After declogging the water goes down well.

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