Work around the house

Work around the house:
-fence painting
-painting the wooden elements of the house (max. 3 meters high)
-lawn mowing
-hedge trimming
-irrigation system dewatering
-rainwater drain cleaning (max. 3 meters high)
-plantation, transplantation
-garden edging
-small garden building work
-other outdoor works


Work around the house

For works around the house, I list the handyman activities that need to be done outside the walls of the building, such as preserving the materials used outdoors (wood, metal, concrete, brick …). We can take care of the increase of the service life of the materials by surface treatment and coating, at the same time it is essential to properly prepare the surfaces before starting the work. For planning work around the house, I recommend my blog post below.

The second part of the outdoor tasks is provided by the man-made environment. Here we create garden structures using inanimate materials (stone, concrete, ceramics …). A well-constructed garden structure (sidewalk, stairs, oven …) can be maintenance-free for a long time. In contrast to the green area found in most of the garden, where continuous human intervention is required. The garden building tasks of the work around the house are labor intensive. As a handyman I can only help with minor garden building work.

Thirdly, most of the tasks around the house are provided by the maintenance of the green space in the gardens. These include mowing, hedge mowing and weeding, pruning, planting, and watering plants.

Dewatering irrigation systems

As a separate item, I would mention the dewatering and winterization of irrigation systems, which must be done at the end of the season, at the latest before the onset of frosts, in order to avoid damaging the system.

Tipical work around the house is automated watering systems could be dewatered by compressor.

The pricing of the work is subject to a different fee than the handyman work, which can be found in the table of other fees in the detailed pricing.