Handyman service with complete solutions

In households, the most common jobs of a handyman are replacements, repairs, and cleaning painting due to wear and tear. Sometimes, however, living space change plans emerging along new ideas can provide service in implementation.

On the following areas call out fee is lowest: Békásmegyer, Budakalász, Csobánka, Leányfalu, Pomáz, Szentendre, Tahitótfalu, Üröm

Services procidded only for private people!

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-Accurate arrival,
-precise work,
-agile specialist.

Call out areas

-Szentendre and surroundings,
-Budapest, Pest county
defined areas

Fair Prices

The minimum price required to maintain the level of service, with which both the Customer and the handyman can be satisfied.

Testimonials From Happy Clients

I run a business in the service sector. I employ the handyman for periodic maintenance work.

After moving into a sublet, a lot of things had to be put in place. The handyman helped with that. I was satisfied. I recommend to everyone.

The handyman helped us do the little work left behind in our apartment. After a long search, my friend recommended it. I’m glad I found it.

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DIY ideas

Handyman ideas, intuitive solutions are created when the need arises. At this point, the handyman ignites a spark and work can begin along the plan that provides satisfaction. There is a need in our family for creative work to require a drawing or a painting buck. When I was a handyman, I immediately started planning..

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Before painting

In garden houses, the planning of periodically repetitive maintenance work is a constant activity before painting. When planning, we take into account which areas of the garden need to be maintained and how regularly we do it. Before painting …

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