Small works in bathroom

Small works in the bathroom:
-silicone seal
-Toilet board replacement and repair
-shower tray, shower cabin installation, replacement
-flow siphon replacement, repair
-bathroom faucet replacement
-bathroom lighting work
-clogging on the sanitary side


Small work in bathroom

Most of the small work that often occurs in bathrooms is related to the increased water and vapor load in the room. Standing in the way of running water is a difficult task, for which precise construction and frequent replacement of materials and condition assessment offer a solution. The choice of high-quality material and equipment built into the bathrooms is essential to minimize water damage. The „always better” rule applies in this area, as this will minimize the risks. Small jobs can occur here, such as replacing the silicone on the wall fitting of the shower tray and tub.

Small work as sealing the shower cabin with silicone.

Insulation inspection of some parts of the shower cabin, cracked shower tray replacement, connection pipe replacement. Replacement of bathroom faucets and in particular the use of a flexible connection pipe under constant high pressure. This should not only be done if it is already faulty, but should be replaced proactively. These lower breath interventions greatly increase safety and protect the condition of our property and adjacent properties.

Small work in bathroom is to change the toilette lid.

Periodic loosening and turning of toilet boards may cause minor repetitive repairs, but in the event of damage, it may also be necessary to replace them. In this case, it is worth choosing a higher quality antibacterial, anti-condensation type, preferably equipped with a metal hinge system.

Changing toilette lid to "soft close" type.

Clogging basic

Clogging can usually be remedied in the initial stages of the drainage system. The clogging of the washbasin can often be improved by dismantling the siphon and possibly pumping it of an industrial nature. Pumping and cleaning the shower and bath drain can also solve the problem of clogging. The industrial anti-clogging pump delivers high pressure air to the drain system, which pushes the materials responsible for clogging further through the piping system. An important risk when using old and poor quality fasteners is that they can cause damage to the sink or shower siphon. Thus, in the end, the poor quality part must also be replaced. There is an additional charge for this type of congestion removal, which can be found in the other charges section of the detailed charge.

Bathroom lights

Reviewing the installation of bathroom lighting is extremely important because of the wet room feature. Lighting should be waterproof, properly grounded and the placement of switches and sockets is also important for the type of switches.

Setting bathroom light as a small work in bathroom.

It is advisable to use LED lighting, because in the case of LEDs, we operate the lighting with low-current, low-voltage direct current, which does not cause a danger to life even in the event of a fault.

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