Electrical installation work

Electrical installation works:
-installation of light sources
-assembly of plugs and switches
-cable drainage, cable ducting
-Installation of LED lights


Electrical installation work

Electrical installation work may involve the replacement, supplementation and development of light sources. The purpose of this is to supplement the lighting system, possibly to achieve a higher brightness. At the same time, it is possible to modernize the system in connection with an electrical installation task, when the customer can save energy and support sustainability by replacing the lighting fixtures. The use of LED lighting is widespread both inside and outside buildings, and we have a variety of shapes, brightness and control modes. One of the latest ways to control it is smart home solutions that complement mechanical switches, where the system operator can manage the devices built into the system remotely from an armchair or even in the presence of a WIFI network.

Electrical installation of smart LED light

A typical electrical installation task is to replace the sockets as they age or to professionally and safely repair the wall protrusion caused by use. Replacing switches as an electrical installation job may appear to increase damage, aesthetics, and waterproofing.

Electrical installation of broken socket.

Electrical installation work is still building new networks. This requires testing the load capacity of the system and routing the cables, designing the circuit and consumers. In the case of retrofitting, this is usually solved with a cable duct routed outside the wall, but it is also possible to lower the wall in this case, where restorative painting is required.
There may even be a failure of the electrical system due to overload, aging of the insulation, thinning, or a short circuit due to possible mechanical effects. Exploring, repairing and replacing part of the system is also one of the most interesting parts of the electrical installation business.

Fuse board replacement and renovation

Many old-built homes typically have a fuse board with a fuse. As its operation can only be solved by replacing the fuses, electrical installation assignments include fuse board modernization. In this case, the entire board is replaced and the fuses are replaced by circuit breakers, the reconnection of which is only one movement. On the other hand, the work carried out on the fuse boards can be supplemented by the installation of a circuit breaker (RCD) and the periodic replacement of circuit breakers.

Installation of fuse board. Taking the old stuff out and putting new back.

Garden lighting

For garden lighting, moisture and the mechanical stress of the pipes laid in the ground must be taken into account. Improving the existing garden lighting, or possibly supplying the system with a twilight switch, is also an interesting task for an electrician. Further mention should be made of replacing garden consumers with a higher-light but lower-consumption LED version. This can make garden evenings more colorful and traffic around the house safer.

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