Minor repairs

Minor repairs:
-fixing a torn shelf
-recording pictures on the wall
-scanning wall
-bike repair
-cable organizing
-dangerous cabinet fixing to the wall
-all new tasks that require other creative solutions


Minor repairs

Minor repairs include all activities that require creativity and cannot be classified in any other area. In the list above, I have tried to highlight a few minor jobs that may arise in real estate. It is often the case that damage occurs in consumer goods and that repairing it prolongs the life of the object, however, the method of repair is still unknown at the time the damage occurs. Such could be a torn shelf that has become unusable with the destruction of some of its furniture elements. In this case, there may be several options for us to improve the furniture, from which we try to choose the practical and aesthetic optimum.

Sorting after moving

After moving, many aspects need to be taken into account when placing the objects. For instance if we are taking possession of a property that has not been completely renovated, it is worthwhile to adapt to the existing wall and cladding defects. When placing pictures, mirrors, objects, furniture, we take into account previous holes, cracks and defects in the wall and design the equipment accordingly. Of course, I recommend painting before, if you have the intention, the time and the financial framework.

After the placement of the technical devices, a lot of cables are often misplaced on the ground, which gives the property an aesthetic deficit. However cables can be clamped together with a cable tie or a velcro cable clamp made for this purpose. Where possible, it is possible to hide cables behind skirting boards, or by placing an adhesive cable duct on a wall, by placing a step-resistant cable duct, we can arrange our cables on the floor.

Scanning wall

When placing objects, it is recommended to examine the wall or floor with a wall scanner before making a hole. In other words this will prevent you from drilling into an electrical line, heating pipe, or water pressure pipe.

Minor repairs could be safer by scanning wall with professional tool beforehand.

With a professional tool, such unwanted outcomes can be avoided in 99 percent of cases. One hand deep-running tubes are not detected by the scanner (material-dependent 5-10 cm. On the other hand the performance of the test is of a higher professional standard than immediate hole drilling.

Other stuff

Minor repairs can also be performed on bicycles, check brakes, puncture repair, external replacement, shift adjustment.