DIY ideas

DIY ideas, intuitive solutions are created when the need arises. At this point, the handyman ignites a spark and work can begin along the plan that provides satisfaction. However there was a need in our family for creative work to require a drawing or painting donkey bench. As I am a handyman, I immediately started planning. By searching the internet, there were several types to choose from. Most of the products were robust, space-consuming joinery products. However, there were also types of donkey benches with a space-saving solution that were not sold in Hungary. After sorting through the DIY ideas, this guy won my attention.

DIY idea come with making a  fold-able donkey bench

Implementation of DIY idea

For the handyman, this is the real challenge. After design and material procurement, the practical implementation of the idea began, namely the production of a homemade compact multifunctional donkey easel. Furthermore the paintbrush has a drawer-separated drawer and can be conveniently rolled from point A to point B using the rollers mounted on the other side when the drawer is closed. Additional features even make it comfortable to place under the bed even after folding the legs.

Donkey bench fits under the bed.

The canvas support bar in the middle of the paintbrush can be adjusted to your liking, so you can take up a comfortable body position according to the height of the person doing the art work. Further extra is that you can even adjust the angle of the painting surface.

Donkey bench that you can adjust the height and the angle of the working area.

A DIY idea that hadn’t been implemented yet was another additional brush and drawing tool storage tray that can be attached to the assembled stand with a release liner. The position of the device storage can be adjusted left and right and up and down as required so that the creative work is not disturbed by the sorting process.

Tools used for the work:

-circular saw
-belt sander
-cordless screwdriver
-welding machine

I hope I have inspired the reader. Have a nice work!